Esalen massage is a gentle, soothing massage capable of inducing deep relaxation in the recipient. Using long, graceful strokes to heighten the client’s awareness of bodily experiences, the practitioner gives attention to the entire body in this approach.

Esalen massage is an eclectic blend of techniques and principles from various disciplines, including External link opens in new tab or windowSwedish massage, sensory awareness training, External link opens in new tab or windowcraniosacral therapy, applied kinesiology, yoga, tai chi, and Gestalt awareness, among others. Despite its varied roots, Esalen massage can be distinguished by the type of strokes it uses to connect and unify the entire body. Another important aspect of this therapy is the approach taken toward each client as a whole person, not as separate parts to be manipulated. Unlike outcome goals in other forms of massage, the practitioner’s primary goal in this approach is not the removal of localized pain or tension, though this is typically accomplished. Instead, the aim is usually to induce deep relaxation, integrate mind and body, and enhance total body awareness.

Hawaiian massage uses long flowing strokes applied with the hands and forearms to the whole body to impart waves of energy throughout the body. These waves soothe tired muscles and can release cellular memories and blocked emotions stored as chronic muscular tension. The recipient and therapist can work together to let go of unwanted thought patterns and make way for new levels of motivation, well being and direction.

The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi sessions are either one hour long (entire session is done with the patient lying on their front side - prone) or one and a half hours long (with one hour done patient lying on their front side and half an hour lying on their back - supine).

The best thing about Thai Yoga massage is that, like yoga you get flexibility, inner organ massage, oxygenation of the blood and quieting of the mind. Through deep muscle stretching, joint release and emphasis on the breath, Thai Yoga massage offers many of the same benefits as yoga. It's amazing how much more we are able to move when another person is providing assistance and encouraging us to relax. It is an interactive form of bodywork, quite unlike any other Western or Eastern forms. While it does include work by the therapist kneading muscles, what makes it particularly helpful is its unique stretching. You remain passive while the therapist does the movements to you.  


Please bring loose fitting clothes with you to wear for the Thai Yoga massage session, such as yoga pants or sweat pants and t-shirt.

Rolf Structural Integration is a method of deep manipulation of the connective tissues of the body. The intention is to create a system of postural restructuring and movement re-patterning in order to promote ease and balance in posture, with a corresponding effect on the mind. Due to physical and emotional trauma, repetitive movements, and habits of standing, sitting and moving, our bodies develop dysfunctional and characteristic patterns of strain. Over time, with repetition, these patterns can worsen, leading to further limitations in movement and in living. This dynamic is among the root causes of pain, discomfort and other types of dysfunction including emotional and behavioral issues.

The Ten Session Series is a sequence of ten one hour sessions, each emphasizing specific regions of the body. It is a process of re-organizing the body and re-patterning movement. The Ten Session Series is based on insights into anatomical, physiological and kinesthetic relationships with respect to the way a body relates to itself, and to the field of gravity.

Each Structural Integration session is one hour long.

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